Quirky + unique: New Brunswick, Canadas Atlantic Salmon Museum

When you’re on a road trip with your folks — or even by yourself, like my dad used to do — those local, off-beat museums can end up being one of the most memorable parts of the journey! Recently, on the road from New Brunswick, Canada headed to Maine, to get back to Canada (!), I checked out the Atlantic Salmon Museum.

It’s a picturesque location, with lots of Miramichi River frontage. In fact, you can rent the space and catering room for events!

Wild salmon on the river has fed indigenous people for millennia and settlers for centuries. the museum focuses on the fishing culture: the groups, the rec facilities, the contests and pictures of the “ones that got away”. There’s a summer aquarium, too.

Where do I march to, every single museum? The gift shop, of course! I did get some beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, but was shocked that there weren’t any salmon cookbooks.

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