airBaltic changes uniform rules, allows showing tattoos

Latvian airline airBaltic announces that it has recently adjusted its uniform regulation, loosening rules for cabin crew, pilots and ground personnel. As of now, most tattoos, hairstyles and piercings are acceptable and can remain visible while performing direct duties.

airBaltic cabin crew photographed under a travel fair in Riga, Latvia (photo: ©otoerres)

Alīna Aronberga, SVP Human Resources of airBaltic:

– Until now we applied the same rule as the majority of airlines – tattoos were permitted only if they could be easily hidden underneath the standard crew uniform. Now we have significantly eased these rules, enabling our staff to demonstrate their own individuality through their tattoos, piercing and hairstyles if they choose so, while proudly wearing our stylish uniforms. Aiming to become even more diverse and inclusive we welcome more motivated professionals to join our team.”

To become a cabin crew member, airBaltic provides a paid eight week training. A successful candidate must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma, good Latvian and English knowledge. Cabin crew must have friendly, positive and adventurous personality. Neck, face and head as well as potentially offensive tattoos should be covered while performing duties.

airBaltic has more than 1 900 employees, including 560 cabin crew. The company is continuing active recruitment, and currently has more than 40 open vacancies.

Read more about job opportunities at airBaltic HERE




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