SAS comments on pilot negotiations

The last two years have been the most challenging in the history of the aviation industry whilst the future remains unpredictable.

Airbus A320neo - SAS - Stavanger lufthavn Sola
SAS Airbus A 320neo at Stavanger Airport, Norway (foto: ©otoerres)

To meet this new reality SAS presented a long-term plan “SAS FORWARD” with 7,5 Billion SEK in cost savings to secure competitiveness. The success of SAS FORWARD is relying on all stakeholders’ participation including all employee groups.

Therefore, it’s worrisome that the pilot unions after the second day of negotiations chose to walk out of the negotiation room. By doing so, they are putting the entire company at stake, including thousands of colleagues’ jobs and careers.

SAS is in a more severe situation than ever, but we owe our lenders, owners, employees, and not the least our customers – as well Danish and Swedish taxpayers – to secure a place for SAS on the future market. We can only do this by moving forward with a plan that ensures a future competitive SAS.

We have a difficult journey in front of us, but we fully believe the SAS FORWARD plan is the right way forward to give us a solid financial platform that will ensure a strong, competitive and sustainable SAS for many years to come.    

Statement from SAS AB




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