Air Serbia launches flights to Oslo on the 16 July

Air Serbia, the national flag carrier of the Republic of Serbia, will launch flights to Oslo on the 16th of July. With Thursday and Sunday flights to Oslo Gardermoen Airport, the main airport in the Norwegian capital, the Serbian national airline will re-establish the route operated for decades by its predecessor JAT, until 2008.

Air Serbia (former JAT) will launch flights from Belgrade to Oslo on the 16th of July (photo: airserbia.com)

This way, Air Serbia will ensure even better connectivity between our region and Scandinavia, with convenient connections from Oslo via Belgrade to Sarajevo, Tivat, Podgorica, Skopje, Bucharest, Sofia, Thessaloniki and other destinations in the Serbian airline’s network.

At the same time, Air Serbia will additionally increase the number of frequencies to Italy and Germany, compared to earlier plans.

The Serbian flag carrier will now operate seven weekly flights by increasing frequencies between Belgrade and Milan as well as Belgrade and Dusseldorf.

Coupled with the recent announcement that it will increase its weekly frequencies to Berlin and Frankfurt, Air Serbia will represent the main link between the region and Germany during high season with no less than 31 direct flights per week from Belgrade.

– We are delighted to add another primary European airport into our network and providing seamless connectivity to Belgrade and via Belgrade to the wider South Eastern European region. We continue to evolve in these difficult times to market demand and the needs of our passengers. As a regional leader, it is our obligation to drive the recovery of air transport, after all the challenges it has faced, said Air Serbia CEO Duncan Naysmith.

Flights between Oslo and Belgrade will allow citizens of Norway with origins in Serbia and other countries of our region to have better connections with their families and friends who live in the Balkans.

At the same time, these flights should contribute to strengthening of tourist and business connections between our region and Scandinavia. When it comes to Milan flights, Air Serbia remains dedicated to the Italian market where it has been successfully operating since the 1950s. The airline will keep its popular combination of morning and evening flights, suitable for both business and leisure trips.

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